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Cultivating Murder to be screened in Bathurst Sep 12, 2017

Cultivating Murder is a new feature documentary that tells the heart-rending story of the murder of Glen Turner, a public servant working for the Office of Environment and Heritage, who was gunned down on the side of a public road in Croppa Creek, 40 kilometers from Moree in 2014.

It will be shown at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst on Tuesday September 12 at 6.30pm (reception) ahead of a 7pm screening. Film maker Gregory Miller will introduce the film.

Concept paper - energy security for Bathurst

Energy Security Strategy -  Bathurst Regional  Council concept paper

This concept paper has been prepared by Skillset, Sunny Afternoons and Rural Green Energy. BCCAN was not involved in developing this concept paper and is publishing it here for the community's information.


BCCAN's letter to the 40 candidates in the local council elections September 2017

This is the text of the letter we sent to all 40 candidates for the Bathurst Regional Council elections to be held on September 9, 2017. It was addressed personally to each candidate:

Candidate full name

Candidate mailing address 

Re: Your Policies on Macquarie River and Cities Power Partnership

Dear Candidate,

2017 Council elections: Where the candidates stand on climate change and water

The Bathurst region is gearing up for Council elections (for nine positions) to be held on September 9, 2017.

BCCAN has written to all 40 candidates asking them for their views on two important issues: climate change and policy regarding Macquarie/Wambool river water.

Save our elms brochure

Spring is coming on, and many elms around Bathurst will once again be under attack.

This is a guide (see PDF file attached) to treating elms for Elm Leaf Beetle. BCCAN does not have the expertise to advise; this brochure is offered for information only.

Stop Adani Action in Bathurst

Stop Adani at the Commonwealth Bank in Bathurst.

HOT, DRY AND DEADLY - Launch of new climate change report in Bathurst

The Bathurst launch of the Nature Conservation Council's latest report, Hot, Dry and Deadly

BCCAN Newsletter Number 34 March 2017

BCCAN Bulletin Number 34 March 2017

Editor: Laurana Smith

The Adventures of Wom Wom

Hey kids!

Film maker Simon Saffigna has written to BCCAN about The Adventures of Wom Wom.

Simon writes: We want to help educate children, who are the next generation, on the importance of looking after the environment, their health, the animals and each other. Being a surf film maker and travelling the world, I have witnessed first hand the degradation of the environment, especially the oceans and waterways. I felt compelled to do something. I created a short 6 minute free film based around a baby wombat called WomWom who gives environmental messages to children.

From despair to empowerment

By Tracy Sorensen

Internet trolls are a fact of life. Their provocations shouldn’t be taken personally. But it can get a little spooky when someone downloads a photo of you from Facebook and reposts it with a threatening comment. That’s what happened to me last week, for daring to repeat the scientific consensus on climate change: that it’s happening and human activities are contributing to it.