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CVR Final Report short version

This is the short version of the final Conservation Voltage Reduction report by Chris Halliday of Powerlogic, uploaded in March 2017.

Traveling Stock Route breakfast

Event Date Time: 
9 Apr 2017 -
10:00am to 12:00pm

As part of Cementa 2017, join Future Method Studio, Wiradjuri elders Lyn Syme & Kevin Williams and lawyer Maeve Parker for a tour and damper breakfast on Travelling Stock Reserve no.55.

Information about solar panels

While we are great supporters of renewable energy, BCCAN, as an organisation, does not endorse any particular suppliers or businesses.

That said, you may find the following list of companies or organisations helpful as you do you do your own research.

This list is a work in progress.

Suncrowd (Support for community-initiated bulk-buy projects)




Climate Change and Ocean Pollution

Climate Change and Ocean Pollution

By Laurana Smith

(B.A. Resource and Environmental Studies and former Environmental Officer)



When we think of Climate Change we often think of rising sea levels threatening coastal real estate and agricultural land, and shifting weather patterns with predicted increases in extremes of drought and intense storm events. However, there is another less well understood threat: the potential for a significant increase in pollution, in particular coastal and ocean pollution.

BCCAN Steering Committee Meeting

Event Date Time: 
20 Dec 2016 -
4:30pm to 6:00pm

The last BCCAN Steering Committee meeting for 2016. At The Neighbourhood Centre (aka BINC), Russell Street, Bathurst. 

BCCAN stall at the Farmers Markets

Event Date Time: 
17 Dec 2016 -
8:00am to 12:00pm

BCCAN stall at the Farmers Markets at the Bathurst showground. See you there!

BCCAN Newsletter (Bulletin #33) November 2016

BCCAN's November 2016 newsletter, put together by Publicity Officer Laurana Smith, can be found here (see file attachment to this page).

Trump foils global climate action

By Tracy Sorensen

One way to deal with a problem is to pretend it doesn’t exist. This is known as denial. This works really well for a while – it can buy you time – but ultimately a problem, by definition, is a thing likely to cause trouble. With the election of Donald Trump, the United States has decided to buy a little more time on the climate change problem.

Hazelwood coal-fired power station may close


Want to do something to address climate change?

Here are some things that you can do on-line to reduce the impact of your dollar on the environment.


  1. Banking:

Despite their greenspeak, the big 4 banks, Westpac CBA, NAB and ANZ invest heavily in the development and sale of fossil fuels. Write to your bank and urge them to stop investing your money in fossil fuels. If you are not happy with their answer or their performance, move your banking to one of the other banks listed here …… and let your former bank know your reasons.