The 200 Plants and Animals exhibition will take place in the Bathurst CBD in October 2015. The exhibition will be BCCAN’s contribution to marking Bathurst’s 200th anniversary year. The exhibition will honour and raise awareness of the plants and animals that have shared this place over the past 200 years. The exhibition will include paintings, drawings, textile arts, photography, specimens, bones, feathers, taxidermied animals, leaves, pods … in short, any form of representation that can be displayed in a pop-up shop for about two weeks.

The venue will be a a “pop up shop” in the Coles Arcade opposite the Post Office in Howick Street, Bathurst.

We are now working on a list of 100 plants and 100 animals to include in the exhibition. Feel free to contact us ( if you have suggestions or can help in any way (this project will need many volunteers to pick things up, help set up, install, dismantle, etc).

The aim is to provide diverse examples of our flora and fauna, from the tiniest microbes to the largest mammals. The main focus will be on native flora and fauna, but the introduced species that have shared our story over the past hundred years will also be showcased.