BCCAN has today sent an objection to the NSW Independent Planning Commission regarding the proposed expansion of the Moolarben coal mine. This is the text of our submission:

NSW Government

Independent Planning Commission

Level 3, 201 Elizabeth Street,

Sydney NSW 2000


Dear Commissioners,

RE: Moolarben Coal Operations Stage 1 Mod 14, Stage 2 Mod 3

Bathurst Community Climate Action Network is an incorporated non-profit community group registered with Fair Trading NSW with approximately 100 members. Since 2006, we have been active in our community promoting action on climate change. We belong to the Central West Environment Council, the Nature Conservation Council of NSW and the national Climate Action Network Australia (CANA).

We would like to object to the above modifications on the following grounds:

  1. An increase in product coal to 22 million tonnes per annum until 2038 is unsustainable and will not meet the required global carbon budget to achieve the Paris Agreement.
  2. The Rocky Hill Mine judgement must be taken into consideration. This modification, to increase Run of Mine coal by 3mtpa, is 3 times greater than Rocky Hill.
  3. The greenhouse gas emission assessment is incorrect.
  4. The cumulative impacts of mining on the Goulburn River and Hunter system are too great.
  5. The updated groundwater model needs to be independently reviewed.
  6. The salt limit for water discharge should be reduced to 500 EC.
  7. No additional discharge of mine water into the Goulburn River should be approved.
  8. No additional trains on the Sandy Hollow Rail Line should be approved.
  9. The biodiversity impacts are significant and the offset strategy is inadequate.
  10. No additional jobs or public benefit will be achieved.

Yours faithfully,

Jack Fry, President

Bathurst Community Climate Action Network Inc.

PO Box 1469