McPhillamy Park on top of Mt Panorama-Wahluu is set to be all but lost, and yet the majority of people in Bathurst seem unaware of the extent and specifics of what is happening, says Bathurst Community Climate Action Network President Jack Fry.


“Plans to build a world-class Go Kart track at the top of Mt Panorama will have a huge impact on what is currently a quiet area on the top of the mountain for all to enjoy,” Mr Fry said.


Bathurst Regional Councillors voted seven to two in favour of the development last December. Since then, the Bathurst Wiradyuri elders group have continued to oppose the plan on the grounds that it is to be built over a significant cultural site.

At its February meeting, BCCAN resolved to support a local Go Kart track but to continue to oppose the development in its approved location on the following grounds.

  • Noise pollution. Many Bathurst residents and particularly residents on the mountain may be unaware that the proposed track will be licenced to open from 9am to 5pm 7 days a week. Bathurst people and tourists alike will lose the quiet, reflective vantage point to view our beautiful city that McPhillamy Park currently provides.

  • Environmental concerns about potential impact on and endangered ecological community, Box-gum grassy woodland. Potential impacts include soil compaction, root disturbance and higher volumes of water run-off.

  • Aesthetic values, with the loss of parkland and the increase in paving and development. The Go Kart track’s impact on the park is effectively destroying a communal public asset.

  • In particular, BCCAN members are concerned about the large area in the approved Development Application titled “Proposed Paddock” for loading and unloading the karts. This area encroaches right into McPhillamy Park. (See map below from the DA.)

  • There is an alternative location for the Go Karts, which is within the footprint of the proposed second motor racing circuit.