This is the text of the letter we sent to all 40 candidates for the Bathurst Regional Council elections to be held on September 9, 2017. It was addressed personally to each candidate:

Candidate full name

Candidate mailing address 

Re: Your Policies on Macquarie River and Cities Power Partnership

Dear Candidate,

Bathurst Community Climate Action Network (BCCAN)  represents the interests of local Bathurst citizens, groups and organisations advocating for strong climate change leadership across the local community and from all levels of government, including Council. 

For ten years BCCAN, with a membership of over 100 from a broad cross-section of Bathurst’s residents, has involved local residents in a wide variety of activities including expos and information evenings, art exhibitions and active participation in a range of environmental campaigns.

BCCAN was a core player in the recent successful campaign to preserve Macquarie/Wambool river water within the catchment. We respectfully request a copy of your policy position on the management of water in the Macquarie as part of your plan to lead Bathurst into the future as a sustainable and economically successful council.

BCCAN has been following the progress of the Cities Power Partnership, where more than 35 Councils around Australia have committed to focused action on climate change by signing up to the Cities Power Partnership. This Partnership presents incredible opportunities for Councils to become leaders in the reduction of the effects of climate change while saving ratepayers money and providing opportunities to promote the ground breaking work that councils are engaged in.

It would be wonderful if the Council elected on September 9 were willing to sign up to this fantastic initiative, and do so not only for the planet, but for local people.

BCCAN is very interested in your policy relating to reducing climate change as a future councillor, and we respectfully request that you indicate to us whether or not you will advocate for council to sign up to the CPP. Furthermore, it would be wonderful to know what your 5 key actions would be under the Cities Power Partnership (CPP).

We look forward to receiving your policies on both water conservation in the Macquarie/Wambool, and your position on Bathurst Regional Council signing up to the CPP.

Please send your responses [personal email & street address of BCCAN President given] by close of business Thursday August 31. We will publicise your responses to our membership, on our website and the local media to allow those interested in these two policy issues to make an informed choice.

BCCAN wishes you all the best in your campaign for Council, and we look forward to working with you to engage with and represent the concerns of and make positive changes for the local community.

Kind regards,

Tracy Sorensen




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