The Abbott government’s misinformation surrounding the RET is plain to see in this article from RenewEconomy.

RenewEconomy, In an interview with Radio 3AW on Friday, it was put to Hunt that supporting the recommendation of the RET Review panel to cut the target to 25,000GWH from around 41,000GWh would amount to a broken election promise – because the Coalition had always proclaimed that it supported a 20 per cent target.

“That’s completely false,” Hunt said. “Our promise was – and our policy was that we supported 20 per cent and we’d have a review. This report sets out two main options. One is 15 per cent and the other one is 20 per cent. Precisely in line with the long-term bipartisan commitment.”

Of course, that is not true …

A commenter then includes the following quote, with links to the source (it will be interesting to see if this page ‘disappears’)

“As many of you here today will know, the real driver of investment in renewable energy has been and continues to be the Renewable Energy Target . . . We have always supported the RET and continue to offer bi-partisan support for this scheme. It has been interesting to note the claims being made about what the Coalition will or won’t do. All of it is simply conjecture. The Coalition supports the current system, including the 41,000 giga-watt hours target.”


It WILL be an election promise broken, no doubt about it.

Read the full article (RenewEconomy) “Greg Hunt says slashing RET will not break election promise