Reviving the Community Awareness APT

At the last BCCAN Steering Committee meeting, I volunteered to get the community awareness APT going again. I’m calling the first meeting for 2015 for Tues Feb 17 at my house. Email me at for the address. The agenda is wide open but this is what I’d love people to consider:

It would be great if BCCAN could play some part in the Bathurst 200 bicentenary year.

What I’d like to propose is an Exhibition of 200 Local Plants and Animals in a location somewhere in the middle of town & held in a way that feels convenient and “approachable” by the general public. An empty shop in the Coles arcade could be good location. Date as yet undecided.

The main Bathurst bicentenary celebrations so far are mostly (not entirely) about people and human events. To me, an appreciation of how we fit into the global biosphere and our own local habitats is an essential part of the movement to ameliorate and adapt to climate change.  

This exhibition would draw people’s attention to the particular creatures and plants that have been living right along with us (and are affected by us and upon whom we depend) for the past 200 years. I’d like to see each plant or animal honoured by being represented in a portrait-like frame, although this isn’t essential. I’d like to keep humans right out of the frame – we hog the limelight too often! I’d like to include animals and plants that are often disregarded or disliked, e.g. red backed spiders, and a smattering of exotics (English blackbird, sheep). The exhibition could also include pressings of dried flowers and plants, feathers, bones, taxidermied animals … whatever is portable and whatever we can find. It could also include photographs, paintings, drawings, text … and, if nothing else is available, pictures downloaded from the Internet (keeping copyright issues in mind).


Tracy Sorensen
BCCAN Member