Want to do something to address climate change?

Here are some things that you can do on-line to reduce the impact of your dollar on the environment.


  1. Banking:

Despite their greenspeak, the big 4 banks, Westpac CBA, NAB and ANZ invest heavily in the development and sale of fossil fuels. Write to your bank and urge them to stop investing your money in fossil fuels. If you are not happy with their answer or their performance, move your banking to one of the other banks listed here …… and let your former bank know your reasons.


Lots of Australian universities and cities are divesting…see some others here. Why not join them.



  1. Electricity retailer:

Despite their greenspeak, the big 3 electricity retailers, Origin, AGL and Energy Australia are all gas and coal companies which have exercised lots of political energy to oppose putting a price on carbon and promotion of renewable energy. There are a number of electricity retailers which are 100% renewable, like PowerShop, and Red. Check out their offers here.



Switching is quite easy & your new company will arrange it. Contact your former company and explain why you switched.



  1. Superannuation.

 For most of us, our superannuation investment is our main form of saving and much of Australia’s superannuation investment goes into fossil fuels. Check out your superfund and see whether your savings are propping up fossil fuels ! http://superswitch.org.au/?s=Unisuper&search-submit=search&post_type=funds  

Swap to a super fund like Future Super which avoids investing in fossil fuels. If you can’t or don’t want to swap super funds, check out whether  your super fund offers a sustainable or ethical investment option where your funds don’t finance coal mining. Arrange to swap!


  1. Insurance.

With increasing extreme weather events, Australia’s big 3 insurers, IAG, Suncorp and QBE, are highly exposed to massive payouts which have implications for policyholders and shareholders. Despite being well aware of the risks, these companies still invest heavily in fossil fuel companies. Write to your insurer urging them to divest from any involvement with fossil fuels.