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Bathurst Community Climate Action Network (BCCAN) is pleased to announce the guest speaker at its upcoming Annual General Meeting, to be held at 6pm on Tuesday, October 18 in the Courtyard Room at the Bathurst RSL.

Dr. Steb Fisher has a BA, MA and DPhil in Chemistry from Oxford; he spent eleven years with BP; took a PMD at the Harvard Business School; and after a spell as assistant to the chairman of CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) Europe now runs the Pathfinder Network and Steb Fisher Photography in Victoria in Australia.

At BP, based in London, he had postings to New York and Singapore and was involved in the main stream of refining, shipping and trading activities culminating in the development of an export refinery in Indonesia.  Time at Harvard laid the groundwork for membership of the Project 1990 team at BP and as the de facto architect of the proposals, which led to BP’s radical programme of change during the 1990s.

Just before leaving London he played an active role in the Tomorrow’s Company Inquiry at the RSA (Royal Society of Arts), whose findings were published and implemented, with the key phrase being the “Inclusive Company”.

He is an Honorary Research Fellow at Federation University Australia

His current work includes:

Designing and facilitating programmes/workshops in:

  • Exploring economic/political frameworks for sustainable communities and societies
  • Lecturing in sustainability and resilience at Federation University Australia and Sichuan University in China
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring within the More To Life Program;
  • Sustainability and resilience strategy development and implementation
  • Climate change adaptation strategy development  and implementation
  • Assisting in the design of and conducting photographic bird surveys for ecological research in China with, Dr. Wendy Wright, Prof. Tang Ya and Sid Francis
  • Assisting in Tiger and other wildlife conservation in Bardia National Park in Nepal with Dr. Wendy Wright
  • Steb also works as a professional photographer – particularly sailing, birds and wildlife and performersHis photographs have been widely published in, for example:

Birding Asia, Stern Magazine, The Age newspaper, Generations in Jazz (, the 2010 annual report of Birds Observation and Conservation Australia, The Conversation, Australian Sailing and Cruising Helmsman


Steb is:     An Honorary Research Fellow at Federation University Australia       

                 Director and founder of The Pathfinder Network Pty. Ltd. (Australia)

                 President of the Grand Strzelecki Track (

                 A representative of the Kairos Foundation and More To Life Program in Australia and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

He has three children, Will (31), Edd (28) and Charlotte (28).

Publications include:


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