The wide community support for our kangaroos has invited the interest of University of Technology’s Faculty of Science, with the result that UTS is establishing a kangaroo research program in the Bathurst region.

Dr Daniel Ramp is Director of UTS Science’s Centre for Compassionate Conservation and Senior Lecturer in the School of the Environment. He has over 20 years experience working with kangaroos, with other members of his team having similar or greater experience.

Part of this research program will be mapping the numbers, movement and conflict between kangaroos and Bathurst residents in the Mt Panorama precinct using scientifically robust methodology.

The UTS research project is seeking to develop a novel and innovative management program for kangaroos in the Bathurst region, and creating a pioneering framework that other councils will look to in the future. Scientifically based community science projects will be a part of this model.

See the Bathurst Kangaroo Project Facebook page for updates.