BY: Tracey Carpenter

How can we can get the energy we need in regional communities – without it costing the earth?  Craig Memery of the Alternative Technology Association has the answers and will be guest speaker at BCCAN’s annual general meeting on Wednesday 29th October from 6pm at the Flannery Centre.

Craig Memery offers the latest knowledge of available and developing technologies for energy generation and supply.  Developments in storage and demand response are revolutionising the way energy can now be delivered.

New technologies mean that communities are becoming far more than just consumers of power. But significant energy market reform is needed to give communities greater opportunity to supply their own energy.

Changes to the energy market currently in train can help realise a clean energy future.  Reform is essential to release the stranglehold that incumbent businesses have on competition and demand side participation.

Craig is ATA’s senior energy consumer advocate, policy analyst and specialist in energy technology, markets and energy efficiency. 


In a further blow to the renewable energy sector this week and just as the Warburton review of the RET appears to have been shelved the Government has announced yet another review – the 3rd review in 2 years.

Clean Energy Council says the Australian renewable energy industry is at a standstill due to the constant reviews of the policy, with investment in 2014 approximately 70 per cent lower than the year before.

According to the CEC another review at this time is farcical and the constant threat of the goal posts being moved is destabilizing investor confidence and having a negative impact on jobs in the renewable energy sector. Last year was a record for investment in renewable energy internationally and yet Australia is missing out on billions of dollars of investment in large scale renewable energy.

The local community have lobbied strongly to protect the Renewable Energy Target. Over 25,000 signatures have been collected nationally for the Keep Solar Strong petition. In Bathurst over 500 people rallied against Federal policies including the call to uphold or increase the Renewable Energy Target and for immediate action on climate change. Many of you have helped in writing and emailing our local member, parliamentarians and senators – the fight for a renewable energy future continues.

Register your support on Wednesday 29th October from 6pm at the Flannery Centre, 341 Havannah Street.

Tracey Carpenter is President of Bathurst Community Climate Action Network and a member of Central NSW Renewable Energy Cooperative