As part of Cementa 2017, join Future Method Studio, Wiradjuri elders Lyn Syme & Kevin Williams and lawyer Maeve Parker for a tour and damper breakfast on Travelling Stock Reserve no.55.

Our commons and the Travelling Stock Reserves (TSR’s) contain practical, environmental and cultural resources that are depended upon today as they have been for millennia. We are only now beginning to understand the origins of the TSR’s and their relationship to indigenous trade routes, aboriginal sites of occupation and their significance to biodiversity.

You will be shown how to read the landscape and how to look for and identify evidence of aboriginal occupation. Over breakfast, Lyn will talk about her experience of negotiating native title legislation, with lawyer Maeve Parker introducing us to Native Title, Aboriginal Land Rights and Future Acts and how they are negotiated and implemented.

This work is part of a long-term research project for the New Landscapes Institute and is part of recent field work undertaken with Keven Williams on TSRML7.

The breakfast will be vegan but not gluten free. If you have special dietary requirements we recommend you bring something to cook on the fire. There will be soy milk available for non dairies.

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