By Tracey Carpenter

BCCAN is part of a nationwide network of people engaged on the frontline of climate impacts and the push for action to make our communities safe from extreme weather.

Mid north coast climate action group, CCA, president Harry Creamer had this to say about the horrifying east coast storms this week.

“Every storm like this reminds us of the dangers in failing to act on climate change.  Climate change does not cause this extreme weather, but it does make it worse,” Mr Creamer said.

“The oceans are absorbing ninety per cent of the excess heat trapped by the atmosphere from the build up of greenhouse gasses caused by burning fossil fuels and destroying the world’s forests.  Since 1998, our climate has absorbed four Hiroshima bombs’ worth of heat every second”, he said.

Warmer ocean temperatures mean increased evaporation, which feeds more moisture into the atmosphere, resulting in higher rainfall.  We see huge volumes of water rushing down rivers and gullies, and even down streets, coastlines battered and beachfront properties damaged.  Like an athlete on steroids global warming is making the world’s weather more severe”.

The connection also needs to be drawn between the increasing frequency of severe weather events and the increase in carbon emissions due to coal mining.

Coal is the biggest contributor to global warming.  We cannot have both a safe climate and continue to mine and burn coal.  By their strong support for coal mining and coal power, both federal and state governments are failing in their most basic responsibility – to protect their citizens.

This election climate action groups like BCCAN and CCA are urging people to use their vote to achieve a safe climate and more clean energy.  We will support any policies that are serious about tackling climate change and supporting renewable energy.

We know this election is very close.  The way people vote could make the difference.  We have a chance to make politicians sit up and listen to what our communities are saying about climate change and clean energy.

Rahamim will host a Calare candidates forum at the June Green Drinks – Friday 24th June from 5:30pm

Tracey Carpenter is the President of Bathurst Community Climate Action Network.